4th Challenging Oculofacial Cases Webinar on Esthetic Oculofacial Rejuvenation
Saturday, March 27, 2021
LA: 7 am, Denver: 8 am, New York 10 am, London: 2:00 pm, Tehran: 6:30 pm, New Delhi: 7:30pm, Singapore/Beijing/Hong Kong: 10:00 pm, Brisbane: 12:00 MN
If you are unable to join this webinar, you may wish to view our live feed on YouTube.

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The Hosts

Farzad Pakdel
Dr Farzad Pakdel
Rob Fante
Dr Rob Fante
Gangadhara Sundar
Dr Gangadhara Sundar
Mark Lucarelli
Dr Mark Lucarelli
Hunter Yuen
Dr Hunter Yuen
Neuromodulators, tissue fillers & other minimally invasive procedures
Brow lifts & upper blepharoplasty
Lower blepharoplasty & midface lifts
Revision esthetic oculofacial procedures
Medicolegal considerations

Reputed International Faculty, Panel Discussants, Keynote Speakers

ASOPRS Faculty

Brock Wade
Dr Wade Brock
Cat Burkat
Dr Cat Burkat
John Fezza
Dr John Fezza
Jill Foster
Dr Jill Foster
Don Kikkawa
Dr Don Kikkawa
Tamara Fountain
Dr Tamara Fountain
Michael McCracken
Dr Michael McCracken
Jose R Montes
Dr Jose R Montes
Allan Wulc
Dr Allan Wulc


Duangmontree Rojdamrongratana
Dr Duangmontree Rojdamrongratana
Kasturi Bhattacharjee
Dr Kasturi Bhattacharjee
Jang Jae Woo
Dr Jang Jae Woo
Mohsen Kashkouli
Dr Mohsen Kashkouli
Yunia Irawati
Dr Yunia Irawati
Vanessa Neoh
Dr Vanessa Neoh
Yasuhiro Takahashi
Dr Yasuhiro Takahashi
Nattawut Wanumkarng
Dr Nattawut Wanumkarng
Juan Ye
Dr Juan Ye
Stephanie Young
Dr Stephanie Young

Special Invitees

Shahriar Nazari
Dr Shahriar Nazari
David Loh
Dr David Loh
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5 min History & Acknowledgment,
Gangadhara Sundar
ASOPRS Presidential Address,
Robert Fante
APSOPRS Presidential Address,
Hunter Yuen
Welcome Note,
Mark Lucarelli
Welcome Note & Program,
Farzad Pakdel

Section 1: Upper Eyelid & Forehead Surgeries

Section Chair: Rob Fante
Panelists: Jill Foster, Cat Burkat, Mohsen Kashkouli, Yasuhiro Takahashi
4 min ‘When things don’t go well & swell’,
Wade Brock (USA)
4 min ‘Wish I didn’t touch these eyelids’,
Stephanie Young (Singapore)
12 min Panel Discussion
10 min Keynote: Pearl & Pitfalls in Asian Blepharoplasty,
Jang Jae Woo (South Korea)
5 min Q & A

Section 2: Lower eyelid & Midface Surgeries

Section Chair: Farzad Pakdel
Panelists: Alan Wulc, Yunia Irawati, Juan Ye, Don Kikkawa
4 min ‘More than she asked for’,
Vanessa Neoh (Malaysia)
4 min ‘Infections, Festoons & more’
Michael McCracken (USA)
12 min Panel Discussion
10 min Keynote: Challenges in Lower Blepharoplasty & midface lift,
Kasturi Bhattacharjee (India)
5 min Q & A

Section 3: Minimally Invasive Procedures (Neuromodulators, Tissue fillers & more)

Section Chair: Hunter Yuen
Panelists: Jose Montes, Michael McCracken, David Loh
4 min ‘Too much of a good thing’,
DJ Ozzello (USA)
4 min ‘Now she sees, now she doesn’t’
Duangmontree Rojdamrongratana (Thailand)
12 min Panel Discussion
10 min Keynote: Injection correction - Management of Fat and Filler Complications in the Peri-Orbita,
John Fezza (USA)
5 min Q & A

Section 4: Revision Esthetic Oculofacial Surgeries

Section Chair: Gangadhara Sundar
Panelists: Wade Brock, Nattawut Wanumkarng,Robert Fante, John Fezza, Shahryar Nazari
4 min ‘Challenging lower eyelids & revisions’,
Allan Wulc (USA)
4 min ‘A facelift gone wrong’
Farzad Pakdel (Iran)
12 min Panel Discussion
10 min Keynote: ‘Reoperation in the complex cosmetic patient: progress or setback?’,
Don Kikkawa (USA)
5 min Q & A

Section 5: Special Lecture & Ground Round

Section Chair: Mark Lucarelli
15 min ‘Not if, but when – Litigation & the Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon’,
Tamara Fountain (President, AAO)
15 min Grand Round with all faculties
Moderator: Rob Fante

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